⚽ 2016 Grand Prize Drawing Soccer Coach Winners! ⚽

grand prize winners coaches training room
Hi Coach!
We did the LIVE GRAND PRIZE drawing on “Facebook Live” Thursday night Dec. 22nd at 9pm EST.
If you participated in the giveaway promotion by ordering our brand new coaching guide before December 18th we THANK YOU!
Here are the WINNERS and what they won!
SKLZ Quick Ladders:
1. Constantine (pn_enache…)
2. Ermilo Guarnero
3. Thomas (tbone_6…)
4. Paul (rutledgevrsa…)
SKLZ MagnaCoach Boards:
1. Dennis Gobart
2. Michael Knight
3. Ron Balbright
4. Stephanie Russell
5. Kate McBride
6. Mario (micm1968…)
7. DW Grant
8. Pascal Caporiccu
SKLZ Pro Training Cones:
1. Mark Preka
2. Brett Folkerth
SKLZ Soccer Training Vests:
1. Bilal Hashem
2. Giyasuddin
Coaches Training Room Core Passing Pack:
1. Paul Crompton
2. Battogtokh (toogii_ch…)
3. Kieran (jerrett19…)
Coaches Training Room Elite Quad Pack:
1. Mariio Darmanin
2. Devon Honeywell
Coaches Training Room Advanced Pack:
1. Christine Iovino
2. Ibrahem Mashali
Coaches Training Room Gold Pack:
1. Shelby Jones
Congratulations to those that WON!
We will be emailing you shortly to get your shipping address and for those that won digital packages we will be emailing you with your access details.
We thank everyone that participated and wish you the best of Holidays with family and friends.
If you missed this giveaway, don’t worry, we’ll be doing more in the future…
If you haven’t done an Amazon Review or taken a selfie with the new guide and email it to us or post it to our Facebook Page, we would sill very much appreciate both as it will help more coaches discover the guide 🙂
If you haven’t ordered our new guide yet you can do so through the link below:
Happy Holidays!
Coach Mark and Coach Eric
If you would like to view the recording of the LIVE drawing you can view that HERE