5 Things Your Players Must Know Before Starting Their First Year of College Soccer

5 Things That You Must Know Before Your First Year of College Soccer

1) You Have to Get in Better Shape

Everybody is bigger, faster, and stronger at the college level. And the practices are harder than anything you’ve ever seen.

College coaches tend to overtrain their teams with two a day workouts during tryouts, and if you’re not ready, then you’re going to be too exhausted to play well.

Worse than that, you’re going to be on the injured list within three or four days. And you can’t make the team if you’re stuck in the training room.

So do yourself a huge favor and be in the best shape of your life when you hit the campus.

2) You’re Not Going to Start Right Away

It’s rare for a freshman to start right away.

Remember – there are a whole bunch of guys who have been paying their dues for two or three years before you arrived. And they have the advantage of knowing exactly what is expected of them.

So at first, they’re going to play well and they’re going to start. And you’re not.

But if you’re mature enough to handle the initial disappointment, then you have a much better chance of getting some playing time. Most freshmen can’t roll with the punches or deal with the struggles of being the new guy.

If you can maintain a positive outlook and learn quickly, then you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting onto the field later on.

3) Beware the Sophomores

At first, you’re going to be treated like an outsider by the older players on the team.

Because it remains to be seen whether you’re going to make it thru training camp or not. And you’re not going to be embraced by the older players until you do.

But some of the players will be downright hostile. Most of the returning sophomores sat the bench the year before as freshmen, and they know that if they don’t produce something this season, the coach is going to cut them.

So quite simply, they see you as someone who is out to get their spot on the roster. And they will do anything – fair or unfair – to make you look bad.

So be ready for them and all that they will throw at you.

4) You May Not Like Your Coach at First

The friendly guy who recruited you is not the same guy that you will see on the practice field. The guy on the practice field will be very hard to please.

And he will point out many of the things that you’re doing wrong. And when he does, he won’t be nice about it or worry about your feelings.

So before you get upset, understand this: You’re simply being tested.

Your coach wants to see how you’ll handle adversity during the first week. So when this happens to you, don’t complain. Just keep your mouth shut and play hard. Within a week or two, you will have earned everyone’s respect and all of the nonsense will stop.

Just hang in there. Because it’s worth it.

5) You’re Going to Have to Improve

Chances are that you were one of the best players at your high school. But every other guy on your college team was, too. So the worst mistake you can make is thinking that because of your previous success, college soccer will be no problem.

The biggest stumbling block that freshmen have is the belief that they’re a lot better than they actually are.

Because it makes them resistant to the idea that they’ll have to improve upon a few things before they can get into the lineup. And being resistant to what the coach wants will keep you on the bench.

So check your ego at the door. Everyone needs to get better, and so do you. Give the coach what he wants and then see what happens. My guess is that you’ll get off the bench sooner than later.

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