Advanced Soccer Passing Drill: Passing Diamonds

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Advanced Soccer Passing Drill: Passing Diamonds


This soccer passing session from our online soccer coaching curriculum is designed to create good repetition in passing angles, movement and positioning, whilst mostly unopposed, with only passive pressure applied by the running player, this is an advanced drill and will require a high passing success rate in order to properly execute the passing diamonds.

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Dimensions: Set up an 8 x 10 yard rectangle with a cone set away from either end line to create a diamond shape, this will be our playing and coaching area. A soccer player occupies each end of the triangle with two players standing opposite each other on a side line. Keep a supply of balls nearby to keep the activity flowing.

How to Run The Session: A soccer player on a side line starts with a ball and passes into a player on the end of the diamond. Once the player on the end receives the ball the player opposite the starting player makes a 3rd man run to take the place of the player on the end of the diamond with the ball. The player on the end of the diamond makes a one-two with the starting player making passes around the run of the third man, the player on the end of the diamond receives the return pass where the third man started and starts the sequence over again.

Soccer Coaching Points: Make simple passes, focus on your technique and allow the ball to do the work. Watch the run of the third man and try to bypass them smoothly using a simple give and go.
Make one touch passes if the pass is good enough but don’t be afraid to take a touch to control the ball. Communicate and move quickly to receive a ball and support team mates. Play at game speed after practicing a few times.

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