How To Coach Passing Between the Lines In Soccer – Sessions Examples and Drills

How To Coach Passing Between the Lines In Soccer

A key element of inventive, attack minded play is the ability to quickly identify space and opportunity and act instinctively when it appears. Space on the field changes by the second so it is important to play with your head up and pass with conviction when space is identified. 

Passing between the lines effectively is a key skill of any defensive or midfield player. The art of passing between the lines has been mastered by most professionals. A player who can break down those lines between defensive lines can become a key pivot point for building attacks. This video shows how the player on the ball looks for the team mate in space. It also highlights the importance of the correct pass to mount an attack.

Most of the highlights are all passes by one player – Sergio Busquets of Barcelona. This highlights his importance in the team. These types of passes free up the more attack minded players to mount dangerous attacks.

It contains key points to coach when passing between the lines and also includes coaching sessions to practice with your team.

Use this video as a reference to help them master the art of passing and receiving between the lines.

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