How To Coach Central Midfield Play In Soccer

how to coach center midfield in soccer

Coaching central midfield play (with video)

Central Midfield and Wide Player Link Up Play


Use Center circle and width of the field.  Set a cone in each corner 40 yards apart.

How To:

One central midfielder  occupies the center circle with a passive defender  marking closely these players will be the initial focus for coaching central midfield play. Players set up on the cones in the corner and they will represent the    wide players. A player starting with a ball in the corner  plays a pass in to the central midfielder. The midfielder must move to lose the midfielder and receive the ball outside the center circle. Once the midfielder has received the ball, they must pass the   ball off to the player opposite the start line. The player receiving the ball must dribble the ball and play 1 v 1 with the starting player, both players switching lines. The midfielder switches sides and the pattern repeats.

Coaching Points:

Quick passes, communication and movement.  Work hard to create space and be ready to pass/receive when space has been made.  Move quickly into space when receiving the ball in wide areas,  attack the defender 1v1 and try to pass them at speed.


Defenders in this situation should provide passive pressure only to encourage success rate.

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