Week 3: Soccer Passing Fundamental Sessions – Through Balls and Creativity

Youth Soccer Coaching Drills

Soccer Passing Fundamental Sessions Teaching Through Balls and Creativity


Intermediate Level Soccer Teams- To benefit from these sessions teams must have achieved the following prerequisites:

• Basic understanding of soccer control and passing
• Soccer players possess the fundamental motor skills to play accurate passes and receive passes

• Basic understanding of support and space

All soccer training sessions try to offer incremental difficulty increases which allow players to succeed while also pushing them harder as the session goes on.

Note: Sessions may take longer to master depending on age and ability of your group, please allow extra time to develop understanding if necessary. ‘4 weeks to improve your teams passing ability’ is a guideline and based on teams practicing each session twice per week. All sessions follow on from your teams’ usual warm up.

Typical flow:

• No Pressure
• Passive pressure

• Full Pressure



Soccer Field Dimensions:

Two cones 12 Yards apart with players separated evenly by either cone facing each other. Lay more cones to accommodate more players or to keep lines to a minimum. Two more cones should be placed half way between the two cones 5 yards apart to create a diamond. Two players should stand by a cone each, these players are Midfielders for this drill.

One soccer ball needed per group, but a supply should be kept nearby to keep the activity flowing.

How to:

A player starts with the ball at one end and passes into a midfielder and continues their run towards the other side. The midfielder with the ball makes a square pass to his team mate across, the team mate then lays the ball into the path of the running player who passes/dribbles the ball to the other side. The midfielders switch places and the pattern repeats from the other side.

Rotate midfielders after a few minutes.

Soccer Coaching Points:

Passes must be accurate. Remember to weight the pass correctly if you are playing the through ball to the running player, timing and weight of pass are particularly important and could be the difference between and offside call or the ball rolling through to the goalkeeper.



30 x 30, two goals at opposite ends. Place a cone a few feet from the right goal post at either side; this will be a start line. Split the soccer players into even lines by either start line. The circuit will run anti clockwise.

Approximately half way between each start line and the goal place a line of cones (see animation for exact placement).

How to:

One player from each line must pass into a player occupying the coned line. This coned line represents a defender. Encourage players to make a quick movement to free up some space near that defender. Once the pass has been made the player receiving the ball on the cones makes a lay off pass back to the first player then makes an arched run around the cones receiving a through ball before striking on goal. The first player who passed and made the through ball assumes the position of the player who shot on goal.


The Defender line shown by the cones performs a second function too in providing a clear indication of an offside line. Coach can ‘flag’ players offside if they run too far ahead of play.

Coaching Points: Encourage players to be creative when making a move around/through the cones.

Move quick to lose your marker. Arch your run so you’re able to see where the pass is coming from and also see your intended target. 

Follow in on your shot/stay alert for rebounds.

Add a goalkeeper at either side.

First player must now attempt a lofted through ball, trying to chip the ball into the attacker.




40 x 30 yard area played width ways. Two coned off channels placed 10 yards in on either side (the field will be separated into three 10 x 45 yard sections).

Two teams of attackers split evenly into the two outside channels, the defending team are placed in the middle section (two or 3 defenders max, we are still trying to encourage success from the team in possession).

How to:

Players must stay within their channels. The team in possession must attempt to work an opportunity to pass through to their team mates in the other section. Points are scored each time the ball passes successfully to the other side.

Coaching Points: Try to pass the ball on the ground through the players. Move the ball quickly to create gaps in the defense, exploit the areas when they are available.

Be patient, don’t try and force a pass that isn’t available. Build play by using your team mates.


When playing with even numbers in each channel (6v3) the group responsible for losing the ball switches with the defending team.

Team competition:

2 minutes to make as many through passes as possible, each team gets an opportunity to be the defensive team and protect their total.



40 x 30 yard soccer field played width ways. Two even soccer teams.

How to:

Free play, game-like scenario, each team has a line to defend, to score a point a through ball must be played past opponents line and collected by a team mate.

Coach re-starts the game by throwing the ball into space.

Each teams’ End line works like an offside line (calls are made by the coach) players must hold/time their run in order to win a point.

Soccer Coaching Points:

Use the width of the field to find opportunities, as the player with the ball, look for gaps to play the ball into. Look for players running into good positions. Play the ball through the defensive line for your team mate to run onto.

Allow the game to be the teacher as much as possible. Players will learn to realize what is working well for them and what is holding them back. Be sure to draw attention to good play.

We would love your feedback! Comment below and let us know how these sessions went for your team and if you have any session requests or questions…

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