Shooting On The Turn Soccer Session Practice Drill

Shooting On The Turn Soccer Sessions Practices Drills

Shooting On The Turn Soccer Session

How To Run The Session:

AREA: Start line 30 yards from goal with a defensive line of 3 cones around 20 yards from goal. One goal on the end line and a smaller PUG goal to the right of the field- See video. One player starts on the 30 yard line with a player standing around the defensive line. A feeder player starts to the left of the goal. Keep a good supply of soccer balls nearby.

HOW TO: Starting player passes the ball in to the player on the defensive line, the receiving player must take a good first touch out of their feet and shoot on goal. The same player then receives a pass out wide from the feeder, takes a good first touch to turn and take a shot into the PUG goal. Each player moves to the next station (Starting player to defensive line, Shooting player becomes feeder, feeder moves to the start line.)

COACHING POINTS: Passing accuracy, the receiving player must take a positive first touch out of their feet in order to set themselves for a shot both times, remaining on their toes and alert to their surroundings. Be positive when receiving the ball, imagine the defender close by, try to beat them quickly with the first touch and take the shot while you have the space.

PROGRESSIONS: Add a goalkeeper in the main goal. Feeder player must throw the ball up to the attacking player so they must control it out of the air. To add more game realism the feeder must throw the ball in and immediately pressure the attacker to try and prevent the second goal into the PUG goal.

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