Youth Soccer Attacking Drills: 4 Goal Chaos

youth soccer attacking practice sessions

Small Sided Soccer Game: 4 Goal Chaos



Dimensions: 40 x 40 yard square with a goal on each side. Divide your players into two teams. Coach keeps a supply of soccer balls nearby to aid the flow of the session.

From our youth soccer attacking drills series.

How to: Coach passes the ball into either team. The team in possession must make two passes and shoot into any of the 4 goals. Once a goal is scored by either team, coach passes the ball to the team who didn’t score to resume play. Play for a time limit or first to 10 goals.

Coaching Points: There will be lots of opportunities to score goals here. Make sure you exploit the number of opportunities you have, if you are defending, try to close down opportunities to score and try and win the ball back. If you get scored against, remain alert because the ball will restart with your team, you may be able to take advantage of a quick equalizing goal.

Progressions: Set conditions in play, for example, you cannot score in the same goal twice. Volleys and headed goals count for double. Add an extra soccer ball to test and reward the very alert players.

Small Sided Soccer Game: 4 Goal Chaos

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