Soccer Coaching Drill: Quick Give and Go’s

give and gos soccer drills

Soccer Coaching Drill- Quick Give and Go’s

Our latest soccer session from within our online curriculum of soccer coaching drills is an unopposed, advanced passing drill focusing on accurate passes, good passing angles and off the ball runs. Keep the focus on good quality passes and strong first touches where necessary.

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View The How-To Steps Below:

Dimensions: Set up a triangle approximately 15 yards between each cone and one cone between two cones on one side approximately one yard inside the area. The area size can be increased to work on longer passing.
2 players occupy each cone.

How to: Play starts from player 1 on the cone on the triangle point facing the middle cone. The ball is passed to player 2 on the middle cone. Player 1 continues a run in field and collects a return pass from player 2 and makes a short pass to player 3 who has stepped off the cone to one side to receive a pass. Player 3 passes back to the start line and each player follows their pass to a new position.

Coaching Points: Communicate. Be alert to the pass, create a good angle by stepping to the side away from the cone to open the field and make the next pass easier. Look after your passes, this drill relies on the passes being accurate in order to keep it flowing. Take a touch if necessary to ensure you play good passes.