10 Ways For Soccer Coaches To Keep Their Players Composed and Confident


The Mental Edge

Ten Ways For Soccer Coaches To Keep Their Players Composed and Confident

Given the physical and emotional demands of playing a competitive sport like soccer, it’s important for a soccer player to have certain mental skills that will give them the mental edge and keep them mentally sharp throughout the game. Here are ten simple steps that a soccer coach can share with their players to elevate his or her concentration, composure and confidence for any game-time situation.

1. Take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath will help the player relax, feel calmer and have a clearer mind.

2. As you step onto the field, say something positive to yourself. With your first two steps, you could say “good day” and “good game” or “love this game” and “wouldn’t want to be anywhere else”.

3. Play in the now. Being focused in the present moment gives you the best opportunity to effectively respond to what is happening at that time and choose the right option.

4. Focus on what you control. Paying attention to what you control will help you refocus and not be distracted by elements of the game that you can’t control.

5. Avoid the mental landmines. Stay away from complaining or blaming about yourself or your teammates.

6. Break the game down. Remind yourself to only think about the next five minutes of the game instead of worrying about and feeling overwhelmed by the whole game.

7. Remember why you love to play this game. Knowing why you love playing will refuel your desire to play and your devotion to the game.

8. Visualize how you want to play the game. Seeing in your mind how you want to play will create a positive and proactive image of what you are capable of doing on the field.

9. Celebrate your strengths. Remembering your personal strengths as a person and athlete, and you use these strengths will help you maintain your composure and confidence; especially during any challenging or difficult game-time situation.

10. Stand straight up and smile. A simple positive physical gesture can have a dramatic impact upon yourself and your teammates.

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Article By: Anthony Lanzillo