Youth Soccer Passing Session Plan: Tidy the Room

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Youth Soccer passing session plan: Tidy the room

Dimensions: 40 x 25 yard soccer coaching area with a line down the middle creating two 20 x 25 yard areas. One team of players occupies a side each. Soccer balls are evenly distributed on each side.

How to: Each soccer team’s job is clear their own ‘room’ of soccer balls by passing them into the other half of the field. Neither team can leave their side. Play 1 to 2 minute rounds stopping each time to discuss what went well/not so well each time. The team with the least soccer balls on their side by the end of the round is the winner.

Coaching Points: Consider the placement of your passes into the opposing teams’ room, just kicking the ball to get it out of your side may end up with a player collecting it quickly and kicking it right back, consider your passes, look to pass into spaces where players are not or through gaps between players to force them to turn round and chase the ball. Be aware of your own position when you don’t have soccer balls around you, can you intercept passes back into your half and return them into difficult spaces for your opponents. Communicate with your team mates to make sure you are covering space and collecting all the soccer balls. Remember your team mate might not have seen one.




Youth Soccer passing session plan

Passing Session: Tidy the Room

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